Waterdropwort Benefits (미나리)


Water parsley is a Korean health food representing March. This plant is rich in various vitamins, minerals and fiber. It is said to have good effects in detoxifying and purifying the body as an alkaline food. If you have any questions about water parsley, refer to the text.

What is Waterdropwort?

Water parsley is a plant native to Korea and is one of the spring herbs that Koreans enjoy. Water parsley contains a large amount of various vitamins and contains ingredients that prevent acidification of blood. It is also rich in protein, calcium, phosphorus, and fiber, which purifies the blood and quenches thirst.


Waterdropwort’s efficacy

1. Improve liver function

Water parsley is known to be good for recovery from fatigue. It is known to be particularly good for liver detoxification. People who drink a lot of alcohol can benefit from hangover relief by ingesting water parsley. Water parsley is said to improve liver damage caused by alcohol to some extent because it is cold in nature and has anti-inflammatory properties. It is also said to be helpful for people suffering from kidney or cystitis.


2.Improve hypertension

Water parsley has many ingredients that clear the blood. Therefore, it is said to help improve blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels. It is particularly helpful for cardiovascular disease and is known to be good for mental health. It also helps relieve stress, so people with high blood pressure may benefit from frequent consumption of water parsley.


3. Detoxification

The vegetables we eat also contain small amounts of heavy metals. That’s why you need to eat foods that purify heavy metals. Water parsley is a representative plant that works to detoxify and purify heavy metals, and it helps purify the poisons of the human body. Koreans often consume water parsley with soup or herbs.


4. Constipation improvement

Water parsley is a vegetable rich in fiber. Vegetable fibers stimulate the lining of the organs to improve bowel movement. It also has few calories, so it helps clean the intestines and lose weight.


Precautions when growing Waterdropwort

Water parsley is a vegetable that can be easily grown in the garden. So it is resistant to insects and diseases, it can be raised and consumed if managed well. In the summer months, growing stems are removed. If the roots multiply too much, the stems become fragile, so remove the roots appropriately. Water parsley should be planted in a cool place.

Water parsley is a food that Koreans have been eating as a healthy diet for a long time. Water parsley is aromatic, rich in vitamins, and has various effects. This is also a plant that God gave to Koreans, and it is a food with healthy nutrients just like crops in other countries. I am always grateful to God and I think that if you are interested in the culture of another country, you can have a wider knowledge of food. Have a healthy day. (Home)