Vitamin P benefits

Vitamin P benefits

Along with vitamin C, there are many people who do not know well about vitamin p, which is good for our body. Vitamin P is not synthesized in the body, so it must be consumed directly. Typically, it is high in tangerine and buckwheat.

Ingestion of vitamin P promotes skin health, capillary health, blood circulation, and is good for antibacterial activity. Today, we will look at the efficacy of vitamin p.

What is vitamin p?

Vitamin P is a generic term for flavones, citrus pigments. This ingredient reinforces vitamin C to maintain blood vessel health, promotes blood circulation and acts as an antibacterial agent. Vitamin P is contained in the thin film surrounding tangerines or oranges, so it is good for health when it is consumed with vitamin C in fruit juice.

Vitamin P efficacy

1. Removal of active oxygen

Vitamin P acts as a strong helper when it comes to vitamin C. Vitamin seeds are easily destroyed by heat, so the blood component makes the seeds safe and prevents aging by inhibiting free radicals (free radicals).

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2.Improve skin health

Vitamin p is combined with vitamin C to synthesize collagen, which is beneficial for skin health, and has the effect of suppressing melanin production, suppressing spots, and whitening. Therefore, frequent consumption of citrus foods can help maintain and improve healthy skin.

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3. Improve vascular health

The most powerful effect of vitamin blood is to improve blood vessel health. Vitamin P strengthens capillaries and prevents blood loss by maintaining the permeability of blood vessels. Therefore, it is very helpful in improving symptoms such as lumps in the mouth and bleeding-related symptoms.

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4. Cholesterol stabilization

Vitamin blood is excellent for improving blood cholesterol levels. Helps break down triglycerides and lower LDL levels, which are bad cholesterol. It helps to prevent serious diseases such as arteriosclerosis.

Vitamin p

5. Stress improvement

For example, citrus fruits have been said to be effective in improving stress. It is recommended to increase vitamin p intake for those who need stress management, such as test takers or office workers.

Above, we have examined the efficacy of vitamin p. It is a food and ingredient that can be easily found around us. I also have an interest in vitamin blood these days, so I deliver oranges and eat them regularly. After taking it steadily for about 2 months, the skin feels better and the stress from work at work is relieved. Be healthy today. Home