Toothed ixeridium benefits (씀바귀)

Toothed ixeridium benefits (씀바귀)

Just as each country has its own tradition and culture, there are plants everywhere that have been loved for a long time in that country. There are various plants spread out Korea and you would be know it, the more effective. It can be easily found all over Korea, but it can be used as a herb or medicinal. If you are curious about toothed ixeridium, please refer to the following.

What isToothed ixeridium?

Toothed ixeridium is a perennial herbaceous plant, and it is up to 20~40cm in size. The leaves of the horsetail are dull or pointed at the ends, and are common in rural fields and in rural areas. It is considered as a plant with strong bitter taste but with strong vitality that does not die even in winter. Cut leaves or stems to produce white juice like dandelion.

The flowers are yellow, and the diameter of the flowers is 1.5cm.

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Toothed ixeridium efficacy


1. mental and physical stability

It is a bitter but cold plant. Besides, since it has only a little poison, it removes heat from the body and stabilizes the body and spirit. Even if you sleep less, there is no feeling of fatigue, so you can relax your body and mind.

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2. Detoxification

This plant has antipyretic and detoxifying properties. It lowers the fever of people who have abnormally high fever in the body. It also helps stop bleeding or improve pain.

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3. Promote blood circulation

According to traditional documents, Toothed ixeridium promotes blood circulation. It can also improve symptoms such as enteritis and dysentery by releasing dead cells to make new flesh and anti-inflammatory properties.


4. Antioxidants

It contains Vitaman A, vitamin B1, iron and various antioxidants. In particular, the content of calcium and iron vitamins is much higher than that of spinach. Recent research suggests that these antioxidants may help inhibit bone marrow cancer cells or lower bad cholesterol (LDL) levels.

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5. Stress improvement

This plant gets rid of the bad energy of our organs. That’s why it is helpful for students studying or for office workers who are stressed out by work. It is said to help relieve stress because it helps to stabilize the mind and body.


How to eat Toothed ixeridium

In Korea, various vegetables are boiled or fried in boiling water and are called namul. Toothed ixeridium (씀바귀) is also often used as a namul. Especially, spring vegetables are called ‘Bom namul’ (‘Bom’ = ‘Spring’) because they are rich in nutrients. In spring, Koreans dig up the roots and turn them into herbs. Because it has a strong bitter taste, you need to wash the roots thoroughly, blanch them , stay in cold water and cook.

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Soy sauce, garlic, sesame seeds, etc. are added, and sesame oil may be added depending on your preference. This kind of  namul has a variety of effects that are comparable to those served at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

There are many crude or humble ingredients in Korea. If you look for ingredients that we do not value, you can see that there are many good ingredients. Since Korea does not have abundant food to eat in winter, it can be said that it is a nation that has been treated with respect, each root and each leaf of a plant. God feeds all mankind, animals, and even nature on the planet and allows them to live. Always value food and keep in mind that there are still people in the world who can’t eat because they don’t have food. (Home)