Spikemoss Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits side effects

Spikemoss Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits Side effects


Did you know about the plant called Spikemoss? The unfolding buddha-hand is a medicinal material with various effects as follows. Spikemoss is a plant native to Korea, Russia, Siberia, Japan, and the Philippines. Today I’ll look over on this plant.


What is Spikemoss?


About 700 types of Spikemoss are widely inhabited around the world. It is the most common species in tropical regions and is also a rich combination of 19 kinds that are used as medicine. The main ingredients are non-flavonoids, foot propanoids, lignans, etc., and are good for hemostasis and lowering blood sugar.



Spikemoss efficacy


1. Anti-cancer action

Spikemoss extract has an invalid effect on liver cancer and sarcoma. In Korea, along with Spikemoss, there are anticancer plants such as Wasong and Artemisia annua. Among them, Buddhason plays a role in inhibiting the growth of bad cells.


2. Disease improvement

In Korea, Spikemosses are dried well and used as a medicinal material. It is said that drinking Buddha’s hand warms the body and calms the mind and body. By improving blood flow, the effect of menstrual impurities is transmitted.


3. Mental and physical stability and stability

Spikemoss contains hyspeedlin ingredients. This ingredient is said to stabilize our nerves. Could be more helpful.


4. Improve vascular health

Spikemoss is rich in poly and phenolic ingredients. It is said that this component improves blood flow and cleans blood vessels, so that it has an effect on hematuria and blood stool with just hemostasis. It can also help with cardiovascular diseases such as hyperlipidemia, hardening of the arteries, and high blood pressure.


5. Blood sugar lowering effect

It is said that alloxan, a substance called grass, helps to send high blood sugar when you eat it. This is what has been confirmed in pathological examinations and has a hypoglycemic action that speaks of diabetes in animals. However, further research is needed.


6. Improvement of organ vaginal disease

Spikemoss is said to help stop coughing. It is acupuncture for diseases such as bronchitis, tonsillitis, and cough symptoms.


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Spikemoss Side effects

Spikemoss is toxic, can be bad to use long for your body. pregnant women are not recommended.


Spikemoss is a name to you by saying that it looks like a Buddha’s hand. As the name suggests, it has effects and help people’s diseases. All good plants are also precious gifts from heaven to us. If you always study herbs and explore new foods, you can make your health better. Be healthy today. (Home)