Soondae (sausage)

Soondae (sausage)

Do you know Soondae, a traditional Korean food? Sundae is a food that resembles western sausage. It is a traditional Korean food that is mixed with pork intestines, pork blood, etc., and then dip in salt, soy sauce or ssamjang. Today, I will introduce Sundae.

What is Soondae (sausage)?

It is a traditional Korean food that contains natural iron. It is usually found on the street or in restaurants that sell tteokbokki. In the past, it was a common cooking method to mix pork intestines with various ingredients, but nowadays, it has become common to mix processed intestines, vermicelli, and blood pudding and eat them with parts such as pig intestines.

Depending on the type, cow’s intestines or squid are used as ingredients, and depending on the restaurant, the contents of the pork liver, lungs, and stomachs may differ. Koreans just eat this Soondae, but it is also popular to eat it with soup boiled in the sundae.

Soondae’s history

Sundae is said to have come from China. It is said to have originated in the 6th century China, where vegetables are added to the intestines of cows and steamed. It is said that recipes were introduced in cookbooks in the 19th century Joseon. In the past, it is said that Soondae was treated for the birthday of an adult in the family or for a loved one. Since the recipe is not simple, it is said to have made sundae all night long.

Soondae (sausage) efficacy

1. Detoxification

Sundae or Sundae Gukbap is said to have detoxification properties that heal the body affected by urban pollution. Pig intestine is a good nutritional food that releases heavy metals that are harmful to our body such as mercury and lead, and provides linoleic acid and various vitamins.

2. Diet

Soondae is a low-fat, low-calorie food, and it is also a healthy food using a variety of ingredients. It is rich in vitamins and fiber, and can be consumed even carbohydrates, making it a popular meal substitute. It is also used for diet.

3. Improvement of anemia

Sundae is a food with a particularly high iron content. It is said to be a good nutritional diet for those with severe anemia or dizziness, especially for women and pregnant women. If you have anemia, Sundae or Sundae-guk is helpful. However, it is better to avoid drinking green tea or black tea after eating. This is said to be because these drinks interfere with the absorption of iron. (푸드 칼로리)

4. Constipation improvement

Sundae contained in sundae has a high iron content, but it is said that eating Soondae, which uses vegetables such as woogeji(우거지), bean sprouts, and cabbage, helps improve constipation. When eating general Soondae, it is helpful to eat it with vegetables.

Soondae is a traditional Korean food and one of the street foods. Although it may seem a bit unfamiliar to Westerners, I think you can feel the charm once you try it. I think all these food creation inspirations are also miracles that God gives us. Please have a delicious meal today. (Home)