Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits of Sinseoncho 

Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits of Sinseoncho

Sinseoncho is known as a miracle plant given by heaven. This plant lives in Korea and has long been known as a food ingredient that is beneficial to human health. Let’s take a look at Sinseoncho, which can also be used for food or medicine.



What is Sinseoncho?

Sinseoncho is a genus seed plant and is native to the subtropics. It grows up to about 1 meter and is characterized by thick roots and roots. The leaves are in the form of 3 small leaves, and the small leaves are said to be egg-shaped. The color is dark green, and flowers bloom around August. The fruit is oval and has wing-shaped ridges on the left and right.

Usually in Korea, young fresh leaves are eaten as salads or herbs, and in some regions, they are cooked and made as a side dish. It is said that cultivation is common in Korea as a horticultural species.


Sinseoncho is also called Myeongilyeop. Representative ingredients include chalcone, flavonoids, germanium, and beta-carotene. It is said to have anti-cancer effects against liver cancer and stomach cancer as it contains a large amount of antioxidants.

Sinseoncho efficacy


1. Anti-cancer activity

Sinseoncho is rich in various vitamins, beta-carotene, and chalcone. These ingredients prevent cells from being oxidized and are said to increase the body’s resistance to bacteria. In addition, coumarin is known to prevent cancer cells in the blood from growing in the blood vessel wall.


2. Prevention of vascular disease

Sinseoncho is rich in flavonoids. This flavonoid component is known to help purify blood and remove bad cholesterol by discharging waste products from the blood. In addition, it helps to improve kidney function because it helps with diuresis.

3. Improve liver function

If you drink often, Sinseoncho can help relieve hangovers. Sinseoncho contains a large amount of germanium. This component is known to help cleanse the blood and improve liver function. It also helps repair damaged hepatocytes.

4. Prevention of anemia

The germanium contained in fresh grass helps oxygen to flow into the blood. So it helps prevent anemia. Sinseoncho contains iron, so if consumed continuously, it is said to have an excellent effect in improving anemia.

5. Anti-aging

Sinseoncho contains various vitamins and is rich in beta-carotene, eliminating free radicals that are the main cause of disease and aging. It is also said to be beneficial for improving skin blemishes and wrinkles because it helps regenerate cells.

Sinseoncho has the name that a precious gift from heaven. I think that not only Shinseoncho, but also all the plants with various effects that can be found around us are precious gifts from heaven. Consider Korean food ingredients as precious gifts from heaven and study them to help you supplement your health. Have a nice day. (Home)