Rejuvenate life

Rejuvenate life

I often visit Southeast Asian countries for business reasons. Then you will always meet new people and have many opportunities to encounter new foods. There are joys and novelties that you could not imagine when I did work under the korean company in the past. If I try to change everything around me every day like this, I can see that all of my things will become new.


We have to stay in one place for too long. The social system is encouraging it and directing it to live. In the past, there was not much information, so it was easy to immigrate abroad. Even this is not easy these days.

I think I was just a dead person in the past. Now, I am having a leisurely time running a restaurant business and advertising company that started in Southeast Asia. Introducing Korean food is also happiness for me to publish an e-book related to it.

I try to love the time now. Because we know well that this time will never come back. Human life is quite short. If you wait for the retirement age people say and find happiness, then it will be difficult to find happiness. The story of enjoying this moment would be an appropriate word for life.

If you enjoy today, you can enjoy tomorrow. If you don’t enjoy today, you can’t enjoy tomorrow. If you live well yesterday, you have today, and if you live well today, you can live well tomorrow. I will think simple and act simple. That’s the happy life I’ve defined and the only way to find life’s vitality.