Pollicipes mitella nutrition efficacy images

Do you know a crustacean called the Pollicipes mitella? These haengyang creatures living in the south of Korea belong to both crustaceans and arthropods. It has a similar texture to squid and can be added to various dishes, making it a popular food ingredient among Koreans. Today, we will introduce Pollicipes mitella.

What is a Pollicipes mitella?

Pollicipes mitellas are living creatures distributed throughout Korea. Except for the West Sea, it can be found in the East Sea, the South Sea, and Jeju Island. Pollicipes mitella looks like a turtle’s hand. This animal is characterized by protecting the body by secreting calcareous matter from the body. The staple food is plakton and is not known to be eaten well by other animals.


Pollicipes mitella has a structure that cannot be moved once attached to a rock. That’s why they live in the cracks of rocks along the coast. It is said that the reason for living in the cracks of rocks is to prevent moisture evaporation.


How to hold a Pollicipes mitella

The place where you can find Pollicipes mitellas is said to be a sea area with strong waves and fast currents. It is also a habitat rich in plakton. Since it inhabits many narrow rocks, it is common for professional collectors to collect using subtidal zones. Tourists can also grab turtle hands, but always make sure that they are not marine life sanctuaries. In addition, you must equip safety equipment to avoid being swept away by waves when gathering.


Pollicipes mitella efficacy


1. Improve liver function

Pollicipes mitellas are said to improve liver function, which plays an important role in detoxification and hormonal functions in our body. Pollicipes mitellas contain taurine, which helps recover from fatigue and produce bile acids. It is known to relieve tired liver fatigue and improve overall function.


2. Vascular disease improvement

Pollicipes mitella is rich in antioxidants. Representatively, there are selenium and B vitamins. These ingredients are said to be helpful for high blood pressure, myocardial infarction, and arteriosclerosis by clearing the blood.


3. Nutrient tonic

Turtle’s hand is a type of amino acid and contains a wealth of excellent ingredients as a nourishing tonic. In particular, it is said that it is high in taurine, so it promotes metabolism and blood circulation. This helps to improve energy, and it has been known as a good food ingredient for energy recovery since ancient times as it contains high quality protein and various types of vitamins.


We learned about the Pollicipes mitella. Pollicipes mitellas have a strange appearance, but unlike their shape, they taste good and are good ingredients for regaining energy. I think these marine creatures also have life and are creatures created by God. I think that it is good for your health to always be grateful and explore ingredients from various cultures. Have a good day. (Home)