Nogak tree Benefits (노각 나무)

Nogak tree Benefits (노각 나무)


The nogak tree is a type of plant unique to Korea. It is a deciduous arboreous tree that lives mainly in the southern regions and grows up to 10 meters in height. The bark is reddish brown, but it can have another color. It is said that the name of this juniper tree is derived from its golden color like deer antlers. Take a look at the Korean Nogak Tree through the text.

What is a Nogak tree?

There are eight types in the world, and one of them is distributed in Korea. It generally lives in the mountains of the southern regions and is said to grow up to 10 meters. Originally there are white hairs, but they gradually disappear and the leaves are misaligned. There are 5-6 petals, and the edges are said to be serrated. The flowering period is around June and the fruiting period is October.

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Nogak tree efficacy


1. Promote angiogenesis

The ingredients extracted from the leaves of the juniper are used in cosmetics for tissue regeneration or wrinkle improvement. For this reason, it is said that Juniper tree extract promotes the proliferation of vascular endothelial cells and exhibits excellent effects on blood vessel formation and wound healing.


2. Wound recovery

It may help to heal the wound after surgery. It is also said to be helpful in the treatment and prevention of heart disease and hair loss. It can also help with abrasions or cuts.

3. Contains antioxidants

The Nogak tree contains high amounts of antioxidants called flavonoids. It is said that this substance can help prevent cancer by removing active oxygen in the body. It is better to decide your preferences for these ingredients with the decision and consent of your doctor rather than your own.


4. Inflammation improvement

In southern Korea, it is known that it is used for gastrointestinal diseases, liver diseases, nerve pain, alcoholism, arthritis, etc. If you are hiking, you can often see such a Nogak tree. It can be observed occasionally receiving sap with white flowers in summer.

5. Other efficacy

It can be used for various diseases such as cold virus improvement, blood circulation improvement, wrinkle improvement, skin tissue regeneration, bruise, hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, arthritis, pesticide poisoning, etc. However, further research and analysis is needed to see if it works for everyone.


6. Other uses

The Nogak tree has a hard character. That’s why it is used for decoration and luxury furniture. Because of its beautiful flowers and robustness, it is used as a street tree in Korea, but it has not been widely distributed.

Above, we have looked at the no-gak trees. In Korea, there are many traditional folk remedies that maintain health by receiving the sap of a tree, like a goro iron tree. Please note that it may be helpful to people from other countries as well. God is spreading love for the health of all mankind. Please have a healthy day today. (Home)