Mideodeok efficacy scientific name


There are many ingredients in Korea that other countries do not eat. Among them, there are also many marine creatures living in the sea. Mideodeok, called the Deodeok of the Sea, is said to be in season around April. It is known that this meedodeok is eaten only by Koreans. Mideodeok is a seafood with a unique texture and flavor, and is a food ingredient used in various foods in Korea. Today, we will look for Mideodeok.

What is Mideodeok? (Scientific name: Styela clava)


Mideodeok are called Styela clava as scientific name. It lives mainly on the south coast and has a sack attached to the body the size of a finger. The surface of the body is similar to a sea squirt. It is said to be a hermaphrodite creature that reproduces sexually. It is said that it floats along plankton when it is a larva and grows attached to the bottom afterwards.


In Korea, Mideodeok is most often used in a dish called Agwi-jjim. Agwi-jjim is a dish made by cooking anglerfish, bean sprouts, and various seafood with red pepper powder and vegetables. It is also popular as a snack or meal. Mideodeok is known to be eaten only in Korea, but Japanese people are said to eat it occasionally. Personally, I like Doenjang Jjige, a traditional Korean food with Mideodeok.

Mideodeok efficacy


1. Cardiovascular disease improvement

Mideodeok contains a large amount of unsaturated fatty acids, which are said to reduce bad cholesterol levels in the blood. It works to improve blood flow and is therefore known to be effective in improving cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular disease encompasses high blood pressure or various heart diseases.


2. Improvement of fatigue recovery

It is said that the taurine component contained in Mideodeok helps the human body generate energy and relieves fatigue. Therefore, it helps to restore energy and reinforce fallen stamina. It is also said that Mideodeok promotes metabolism and blood circulation.

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3. Anti-aging

Mideodeok contains various antioxidants. These ingredients are said to help remove free radicals that cause aging in the body. These actions are said to help prevent or prevent aging. It is said to be helpful for skin care and skin blemishes.


4. Improve brain health

Mideodeok contains a large amount of DHA, which is said to be good for brain health. This component is known to be effective in improving brain function by contributing to the activation of brain cells. DHA is also known to help children and adolescents improve their learning skills.

Above, we have learned about Mideodeok. God has also given life to all these marine creatures. It is true that humans should live with marine organisms, but I think it will be helpful for the coexistence of this world if ingested properly for our health. Have a healthy day. (Home)