Magnolia flower Benefits (목련꽃)

Magnolia flower Benefits (목련꽃)


Have you ever tried magnolia flower tea? Magnolia is a flower tree that can be easily found in Korea. This plant has a fragrant aroma and taste, so it is used as a tea or soap. It is said to be popular with young people as it is said to be beneficial for physical health. If you have any questions about magnolia flowers, please look at the text.

What is a magnolia flower?

Magnolia flowers bloom in mid-April. The diameter is about 10 centimeters, and 6 to 9 petals are common. It is long oval and has a white or pale red color. There are 30-40 stamens, and fruit is also produced, but it is often planted for ornamental purposes.
It is characterized by inhabits in Korea and Japan.

The efficacy of magnolia flower tea

1. Improve blood circulation

Magnolia flowers contain high amounts of polyphenols. This ingredient is said to help blood circulation and clean blood vessels. Furthermore, it reduces bad cholesterol (LDL) levels and is said to help remove visceral fat.


2. Improve concentration

Magnolia flowers contain ingredients that can improve rhinitis. Using magnolia as a tea helps with severe rhinitis, which also helps improve concentration. In particular, it is said that it helps children and adolescents in their growth period to clear their heads and improve memory. If you think your concentration is low, it is better to suspect rhinitis, and it is said that taking magnolia flower tea for a long time may have better effects.

3. Pain improvement

Magnolia flower tea is said to be spicy and warm. These properties are said to help treat inflammation. It is said to be effective for headaches, toothaches, and menstrual pain. However, there is still no evidence that these benefits apply to everyone.

How to make magnolia flower tea

When flowers are harvested from a magnolia tree, they wither quickly. When the magnolia flower withers, peel it off and put the leaves in a steamer to drain the moisture. After that, the male and female must be removed after drying completely. The tea leaves made in this way can be poured into hot water for tea.

Notes on Magnolia Flower Tea

If you are allergic to pollen, you must remove the pollen and completely remove the pistils, stamens, and calyx. In addition, magnolia flowers have a short shelf life and are prone to discoloration, so they must be brewed fresh to be effective. Excessive brewing can cause a bitter taste, so it is recommended to brew it moderately.

There are many plants in Korea that symbolize humility and cleanliness, such as magnolia flowers. I think these plants are also miracles God has given to mankind. I think we should live according to each culture, but also experience and respect the cultures of other countries. I think it can contribute to the development of mankind. I hope you have a healthy day. (Home)