Kongnamulguk definition benefits


In Korea, bean sprouts are the number one hangover relief. Bean sprouts are one of the representative ingredients in Korea, and it is common to eat them with herbs, cook rice, or boil soup. It is also a food that is easy to grow and can be found anywhere. Today, we will look at the efficacy of bean sprout soup.


What is bean sprouts?

Bean sprouts are foods that have grown soybean sprouts and roots. Bean sprouts have a peculiar habit of growing if they are not exposed to sunlight. Soybeans are a worldwide crop, but growing roots and eating are said to be consumed only in Korea. Bean sprouts eaten abroad are different from those of Korea.


In Korea, bean sprouts are usually boiled in boiling water and eaten. This way you can eat smoothly without smelling bad. It goes well with soy sauce, salt, and red pepper powder, and it is delicious even if you put it in bibimbap. Bean sprouts are said to have the most nutrients in the head. These are known as roots and stems.

There are many types of bean sprouts, so it is recommended to use them according to the dish. When you visit a Korean mart, you can find a variety of bean sprouts.


What is bean sprout soup (Kongnamulguk)?

Bean sprout soup (Kongnamulguk) is a popular dish for its clean and refreshing taste. It can be easily found anywhere and is made in a slightly different format from bean sprouts haejangguk. Depending on the region, there are places to eat bean sprout soup (Kongnamulguk) after cooling it down. Eating bean sprout soup is said to be good for refreshment and hangover relief because of aspartic acid.

Bean sprout soup (Kongnamulguk) efficacy


1. Skin care

Bean sprout soup (Kongnamulguk) is said to be beneficial for skin health as well. Bean sprouts are rich in vitamin C. This ingredient is known to be good for anti-aging and skin care by removing harmful oxygen in the body by acting as an antioxidant.


2. Immunity improvement

Bean sprout soup (Kongnamulguk) contains beta-carotene and various vitamins. It is known to have an excellent effect on improving immunity because it activates the body’s metabolism.


3. Improve intestinal health

Bean sprouts are said to be helpful for internal organs such as the liver and large intestine. Based on abundant dietary fiber and various antioxidants, it is said that it improves liver function and promotes bowel movement.


4. Hangover relief

The representative effect of bean sprouts is to relieve hangovers. It is said to be effective in improving headaches and nausea that occur after heavy drinking. Aspartic acid in bean sprouts is known to be excellent in detoxifying alcohol.

So far, we have learned about bean sprout soup (Kongnamulguk). In the West, it is said to eat fatty foods to relieve hangovers. Koreans know that bean sprouts are the best for hangover relief. People from other cultures are also encouraged to try bean sprout soup for health and hangover relief. Be healthy today. (Home)