5 Herbs Vegetables to Improve Uterus

5 Herbs Vegetables to Improve Uterus


The uterus is a woman’s reproductive organ that allows the fetus to grow and protect it until delivery. The uterus is a complex organ involved in the birth of life. Thus, you will have periodic events and changes in which ovulation occurs. That is why it can be influenced by hormones. It can manifest itself in various diseases. Myometrium, cervical cancer, etc. So today, I introduce you to herbs that are good for the uterus.



Women give birth and take seaweed to restore consumption. This is because seaweed is rich in iron. Seaweed helps remove blood stagnation in the uterus, improves inflammation in the body, and helps blood circulation.

Portion of Asian traditional greed marinated seaweed salad appetizer on small white dish plate over white background, top view


For women, the secretion of female hormones is of great importance. Pomegranate is rich in the female hormone estrogen, which also helps with menstrual impurities and menopausal syndrome.


Mugwort has warm properties and has been used as a moxibustion treatment for a very long time. It is a medicinal herb that is good for the uterus, which improves the cold energy of the uterus and helps with menstrual pain and menstrual irregularities. Because wormwood has anti-inflammatory properties, boiling soup is also beneficial for women’s health.


4. Beet

Beets contain components that restore the function of the mucous membranes in the body. It strengthens the gastric mucosa or uterine mucosa and helps build supplemental cells.

5. Ginger

Since ancient times, ginger has been a good herb for the uterus when menstrual pain is severe. Ginger removes cold energy and helps blood circulation. Good for people with cold hands or feet or poor digestion.

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Today, we have found out 5 herbal vegetable algae that are good for the uterus. Hope it helps your health. Home