Effect of Hamchohwan (함초환)

Effect of Hamchohwan (함초환)

Hamchohwan is a salt plant, also known as Tung Tung node. In Korea, it is said to be grown in salt fields in the coastal area of ​​the southwestern sea. It is a primitive plant that does not evolve into a troubled plant about 500 million years ago. Therefore, it is said to be good for treatment and beauty because there are many different nutrients. If you would like to know more about Ham Cho-Hwan, please refer to the following.

What is Hamcho?

Hamcho grows only in salty soil. It retains the saltiness and makes the distinction between every leaf and branch almost every branch. The cylindrical stem has a thick and plump node, so it is called a lump. It can grow up to 30 cm.

Hamcho buds from early April to June, passes summer, and blooms around August. It is said that around October, the whole branch will bear seeds and turn red. It is a salt-resistant plant that has a salty taste, and it discharges bad ingredients through photosynthesis and concentrates good ingredients.

The peculiar thing is that the taste varies from season to season, and the salinity varies from harvest to season. It is said that the Hamcho harvested in August to September is usually the best.

Ingredients of Hamchohwan

Hamchohwan contains 90 functional ingredients, iodine, calcium, sodium, choline, vitamins, dietary fiber, and functional properties. It is said to be helpful for enhancing immunity.

What is Hamchohwan?

Hamchohwan is a ring made using Hamchohwan. The grain size is about 3 to 4mm, and it is not a medicine, but a natural food. It is usually said to be eaten before meals or with plenty of water. Hamchohwan is not a natural food, and the amount to eat is not fixed. It can be taken with or without meals.

Effect of Hamchohwan

Hamchohwan breaks down sukbyeon and discharges it inside and outside. That is why it is effective in losing weight and improving constipation. Since the skin becomes clean when the stool is removed, the skin care effect is safe. It also improves blood circulation by removing cholesterol and triglycerides from the body.

It is improving high blood pressure and low blood pressure because it strengthens blood vessels. Hamchohwan helps stomach and large intestine functions and is effective against diabetes. If you consume Hamchohwan, you can often fart, because Hamchohwan breaks down waste products that have accumulated in the barrier.

Hamchohwan is full of functionality and enzymes through photosynthesis. It is an essential nutrient that cannot be consumed in a natural state as its function is mineral. This function stimulates the intestines and helps increase mobility.

Enzymes purify seawater. Therefore, it has the effect of decomposing waste products from the stomach and intestines to discharge sukbyeon. Because toxins are broken down, skin problems of women are also improved. Hamchohwan is common in luxurious luxury cosmetics.

Hamchohwan does not have the same side effects as laxatives. It’s the healthiest way to relieve constipation because it’s a lot of intestinal activity with natural foods. Recommended for those concerned about the side effects of laxatives.

How to choose good Hamchohwan

It is said that Hamchohwan has many nodes, plump branches, and dark green color. It is said that farm-grown ones are nutritionally better than wild ones.

How to eat Hamchohwan

It is said that Hamchohwan can be slightly blanched in boiling water, seasoned with herbs, and eaten or drink with tea. It is best to eat raw juices collected from August to September. Recently, it is convenient to use the dried and powdered hamchowhan. The Hamchohwan pill is also salty, so it is recommended to take it with water. Home