Gondeurenamul (곤드레 나물)

Gondeurenamul (곤드레 나물)


In Korea, rice is cooked using a variety of vegetables. One of the popular menu is Gondeure rice for many people. In fact, cooking rice with Gondeure. Gondeure is an asteraceae plant, so consider Goryeo thistle to be correct. If you are curious about Gondeurenamul, refer to the following.

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What is Gondeure?

The official name of Gondeure is Goryeo Thistle. Thistle means blood clots. It is effective in treating venous tumors that occur in electrolytic vessels that are effective in dilatating veins. Gondeure helps people of the past overcome famine.

Gondeure grows in any field and grows nationwide because it was possible to increase the amount by cooking with rice. It is the Gangwon-do region of Korea that exists everywhere. This plant is harvested in May and used for food. It is characterized by its light taste, softness, and mild scent.

You can cook rice with Gondeure or blanch leaves and stems. It is said that it is a good alternative to hemostatic, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, and hypertension that can be cooked with soup or herbs like this.


Gondeure efficacy


The leaves of Gondeure contain a lot of carbohydrates and essential fatty acids, so they contain a lot of inorganic ingredients such as potassium. In particular, it contains a wide variety of flavonoids. In addition, calcium, iron, phosphorus and bone content are helpful. It contains a lot of dietary fiber, which helps improve constipation and contains beta-carotene, which removes free radicals.

For people with high blood pressure, it helps to lower bad cholesterol levels. It also helps prevent vascular disease, maintain maternal health, neutralize and protect liver toxicity. (Dosan dictionary as korean)


How to eat Gondeure?

Gondeure herbs are recommended to eat in spring. The spring Gondeure has soft leaves and soft stems. It is common to boil the crops harvested in this way or put them in soup and eat them. When cooked with rice, it becomes Gondeure rice. What to eat It is delicious to eat with soy sauce, chives, garlic, red pepper powder, and sesame oil.

The stems of Gondeure are fried, seasoned, stir-fried, and boiled. They have a unique aroma and are soft, making them a popular food for all ages.


How to store Gondeure?

Clean the Gondeure that will be stored for a short period of time, dry it, and store it in a plastic bag. If stored in the refrigerator, it can be stored for 2 days. Gondeure for long-term storage can be stored for a long time by blanching it in boiling water, squeezing it tightly, and freezing it in the freezer. It is made in the form of a muk (kind of jelly) and stored.


How to care for Gondeure?

When the Gondeure is just harvested, it must be cleaned under running water. Remove dirt and foreign matter, and remove and organize the damaged part appropriately. The cleaned Gondeure is boiled in boiling water for 10 minutes, turned off the heat, and soaked for 10 minutes. After that, adjust the size to a suitable size for cold water.


Goryeo Thistle is a plant native to Korea, Japan and China. In East Asia, there are many vegetables that can be found in the West and that Westerners do not eat. This is because they were countries where eating was not enough. As times have changed, food has diversified and food waste has increased.

There are many people in this world who cannot eat because there is no single grain of rice. I hope to help. I hope you have a mind to give up little food for  people who are hungry. I think that is what God wants. Be fun and happy today. (Home)