Ganjang Gejang Traditional Korean Food

Ganjang Gejang Traditional Korean Food

In Korea, there are foods called Bab thief. Among them, Ganjang Gejang is a food made using live blue crab and is considered a favorite delicacy of most Koreans. If you eat Ganjang Gejang and rice together, it is called Bab thief because you eat a lot of rice. Today, I will introduce the traditional Korean food Ganjang Gejang.

What is Ganjang Gejang?

Ganjang Gejang is a stored food made by crab with soy sauce and then fermenting it. This food is a traditional Korean food made and eaten since 1600 years ago. It is said that crabs that are in season in June should be used to make them , and once made, they are said to be stored and eaten all year round. There are two types of food in Korea: seasoned crab sauce and Ganjang Gejang. Seasoned crab uses minced vegetables and red pepper powder, but Ganjang Gejang is made by boiling onions, red peppers, green onions, etc. in soy sauce, then cooling them and pouring them into live crabs. It’s salty, so it may not suit Westerners, but some people like it.

How to make Ganjang Gejang

It is common to use female crabs caught in March to June for crabs used in Ganjang Gejang. It is said that blue crabs with eggs taste good and have no fishy smell. Clean the crab with a brush and wash it under running water, open the shell to remove the sandbag and navel, and cut the crab leg to cut the seasoning.

After that, add water, soy sauce, kelp, and seed to a pot to boil once, then add shiitake mushrooms, dried red pepper, garlic, and ginger to boil again. When you boil the soy sauce, you must remove the bubbles from time to time. After boiling, sift through a sieve and serve only the soy sauce separately. Afterwards, it is recommended to pour the cooled soy sauce over the trimmed crabs and pour them into a jar or glass bottle so that the crabs are completely immersed. It is said that if it is aged in a cool place for 2-3 days, it can be left and eaten deliciously.


Ganjang Gejang efficacy

1. High protein

Ganjang Gejang is a high protein food and is a high protein ingredient that is comparable to chicken. It is also known to be good for diet because it has little fat. It is said that Ganjang Gejang, aged crab, helps break down protein and improves digestion and absorption.

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2. Bone health

Ganjang Gejang is rich in various vitamins, essential amino acids, taurine, and calcium, so it is good for bone health.

3. Contains chitosan

Chitosan is a rich ingredient in crabs. This ingredient is said to prevent fat accumulation in the body and lower bad cholesterol levels.

4. Prevention of aging

Blue crabs are known to be effective in preventing aging because they are rich in various amino acids, minerals and vitamins. It is also rich in calcium and helps to compensate for the lack of calcium in the elderly.

So, we learned about Ganjang Gejang. Many Korean traditional foods are fermented foods cooked with divine inspiration from a long time ago. These fermented foods are called health foods in the spotlight in the West in recent years. Kimchi and Ganjang Gejang are also fermented foods that can be safely consumed. If you are always interested in the food culture of other countries, I think it will help you to lead a valuable diet. Be healthy today. (Home)