Five-flavor berry scientific name (오미자)

Five-flavor berry scientific name (오미자)

The wisdom inherited from our ancestors has the power to enrich our lives to this day. For example, it is said that if you have severe symptoms such as a cold or fever, eating Five-flavor berry will help. Consistent intake of Five-flavor berry is said to be good for improving respiratory diseases such as chronic cough, phlegm, and asthma. If you have any questions about Five-flavor berry, check the text.

What is Five-flavor berry (오미자)?

The name Five-flavor berry is said to have been given because you can taste five flavors: sweet, sour, salty, bitter and spicy. The fruit of Schisandra chinensis is round, about 1 cm in diameter, and has a reddish color. The flesh contains red juice and brown seeds. The sour taste is the strongest among the five flavors. In Korea, it mainly lives in the Taebaek Mountains and is cultivated in Japan, China, and Sakhalin.

In Korea, Five-flavor berry is eaten as it is or is used for flowers, and it is also used as a drink or medicinal material. Schisandra is said to be effective in strengthening the heart, lowering blood pressure, and increasing immunity.

Five-flavor berry scientific name (오미자) = Schisandra chinensis

Five-flavor berry Benefits (오미자)

1. Improve blood flow

Schisandra chinensis is rich in antioxidants. These antioxidants inhibit free radicals and make cells healthy. It also prevents cell damage caused by body aging and is reported to protect the body from various bacteria. If you constantly consume antioxidants like this, you can see the effect of improving blood flow. Improving blood flow refers to keep blood flowing.

2. Immunity improvement

Schisandra’s powerful antioxidants protect our body from various viruses and inflammations. It is also used as an anti-inflammatory agent for natural salts and helps to improve immunity because it has an anti-stress effect. If your immunity is improved, the defense system that prevents you from getting sick is activated.

3. Improve liver function

Korean ancestors have regarded Schisandra chinensis as a representative crop that helps detoxify the liver. There are research results that support this fact. There have been various studies showing that Schisandra chinensis is helpful in the detoxification of the liver, and there are reports that it cleanses the liver. If you drink often, we recommend taking Schisandra.

4. Anti-cancer effect

Cancer is one of the scariest diseases in the world. Because treatment is difficult, it can be difficult to guarantee 100% cure even if you have surgery in the hospital. Schisandra chinensis blocks mutant cells and enhances the body’s anticancer ability, but unlike what has been reported in research results, it is difficult to say that it guarantees the effect in real people. Further research is needed on this.

Five-flavor berry is also one of the folk remedies that have been used for a long time in Korea. It is used in drinks, alcohol, and food, and is known to be good for health because it has a variety of flavors. It is a food ingredient that is difficult to see in the West, but it is certainly a healthy ingredient for Westerners and people from other cultures. Because this is also a gift from God to mankind. I wish you love god today. (Home)