Solanum nigrum L Benefits, Side effects (까마중)

Efficacy of Solanum nigrum L.

Do you know about Korean annual plants? Annual plants are grass that sprout in spring, grow during summer, bear flowers and fruits, and then wither when winter comes. This grass is also sleeping in the ground during winter. Today, we will look at Solanum nigrum L., which is used as a food ingredient and medicinal material among Korean annual grasses.

What is Solanum nigrum L.?

Camajung (까마중) is an annual plant and is said to grow up to 70 centimeters in size. The leaves are offset from each other and are egg-shaped. The edge of the leaf is said to have rounded teeth arranged like waves. It is distributed all over Korea and grows on grassland or roadside. All parts, including black and small fruits, are used as medicinal materials, and in some areas, young sprouts are boiled with eaten.

Efficacy of Solanum nigrum L.


1. Anti-cancer activity

It is said to contain rich anthocyanins. This ingredient is known to be good for cancer treatment and prevention by inhibiting cancer cells. In particular, the water obtained by decoction of black pepper is known to be helpful in anticancer effect.

2. Relieve cough phlegm

The most representative effect of Solanum nigrum L. is the relief of cough and phlegm. This fruit contains solanine. This ingredient has the effect of stopping coughing and removing phlegm. On the market, this fruit is powdered and sold. Drinking this powder in water can help with chronic bronchitis as well as cough phlegm.


3. Improvement of skin itching

For those with allergic dermatitis, this fruit may help. You just need to add some salt along with the leaves, stems, and petals of the Camajung(까마중) to make the juice. It is said that applying this juice or attaching it to the affected area can be effective. It is also said that taking a bath with decoction of Camajung is helpful in improving skin disease inflammation.

4. Diuretic effect

The solanine content in these fruits is said to improve kidney function. In addition, it is said to be helpful in removing inflammation of the reproductive organs such as cystitis and urethritis.

5. Other efficacy

It is said to be helpful in relieving fatigue, improving insomnia, relieving stress, cold, sore throat, acute nephritis, hysteritis, jaundice, high blood pressure, and promoting hair growth.

Side effects of Solanum nigrum L.

The nature of the Camajung(까마중) is cold. Therefore, excessive consumption may cause side effects such as vomiting, abdominal pain, and mental confusion. It is said that it can lead to a coma in severe cases, so do not consume excessive amounts. A well-ripe Camajung may be safer.

In Korea, there are a variety of grasses, herbs, and fruits. It can be said to be a different kind and type of plants from the West. These plants are also miracles God has given to Koreans, and I think God are looking forward to sharing them with other peoples. Thank you for your interest in Korean ingredients. Have a good day. (Home)