Dotorimuk ingredient benefits 5

Dotorimuk ingredient benefits 5

In the West, pudding is popular as a dessert. There are also foods that look similar to pudding in Korea. However, there is a food called ‘Muk’ that doesn’t taste sweet and can be eaten with rice. This food, called Muk, can be said to be processed from starchy plants or fruits. Representatively, it is also called Dotorimuk. Today, we are going to learn about Dotorimuk.

What is an Dotorimuk?

Dotorimuks are the tree nuts that squirrels love. The acorn tree belongs to the oak family and refers to the fruits of various types of trees. It is said that this fruit began to be consumed in the Neolithic period and acorns were made into powder. This eating habit has been passed down to Korea, and it is called Dotorimuk to make jelly with Dotorimuk.


It has a characteristic astringent taste, so it is common to soak it in water to soften the taste and cook it. It is said that North Korea as well as South Korea enjoys eating this food. Dotorimuk is known to help relieve hangovers and discharge heavy metals.


Dotorimuk efficacy


1. Diet effect

Acorn is one of the low-calorie foods. It is rich in moisture and rich in tannins. Tannins are known to prevent fat gain by inhibiting fat absorption. Dotorimuk is also preferred as a diet substitute in Korea.


2. Discharge of waste products

It is also helpful in discharging old acorn waste and lowering cholesterol levels. It is said that aconic acid releases wastes and harmful substances accumulated in our body to the outside. It can be a good food for people with cholesterol problems.


3. Improve vascular health

Dotorimuk is rich in ingredients that release potassium to the outside. It also contains vitamins and minerals, and is said to be helpful for high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, and blood vessel health improvement.


4. Improving women’s diseases

The nature of Dotorimuk is warm. These warm properties are said to have excellent effects in improving female diseases and alleviating pain. Representatively, it is known to be good for improving menstrual pain.


5. Improve gastrointestinal function

The warm nature of Dotorimuk is said to provide strong protection for the stomach. In addition, tannin, an ingredient in Dotorimuk, helps to stop diarrhea and is good for gut health.

Dotorimuks are also popular as snacks. In Korea, Muk is made with various ingredients such as green beans, potatoes, and acorns. It is common to add kimchi or seaweed and eat it with seasoning. Westerners may also fall in love with this Dotorimuk. It goes well with Korean traditional liquor called Makgeolli, so please give it a try. Have a healthy day. (Home)