Donnamul (Sedum sarmentosum) Benefits (돌나물)

Donnamul (Sedum sarmentosum) Benefits (돌나물)

The Donnamul that is familiar to us by the name Donnamul is a succulent plant that grows in the fields or foothills of Korea. This plant’s meaning of name is said to be derived from the Latin word for sit. It is characterized by strong fertility and lush growth in humid places. Today we will look at Donnamul.


Features of Donnamul

Dolnamul is native to Korea. It is distributed all over the country, so it is easy to find anywhere. This plant is characterized by yellow flowers in the shape of overlapping long oval leaves. The length is up to 15 cm, and it is characterized by roots from the nodes of the stem extending to the ground.

Donnamul efficacy


1. Blood vessel improvement

Beta-carotene and vitamins contained in Donnamul are said to lower blood cholesterol levels and smooth blood flow. This improves blood circulation, which is said to help prevent cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis.

2. Improve liver health

It is said that Donnamul leaves the toxins accumulated in the liver out of the body. So, it is effective in relieving liver fatigue caused by drinking or stress. It may also help recover from chronic fatigue.

3. Improvement of menopausal symptoms

The isoflavones contained in this plant are known to act similar to female hormones, like estrogens in pomegranate. Therefore, it is known to be effective against symptoms such as hot flashes, sweating, and menstrual irregularities, which are symptoms of menopause. However, this also seems to require further research and validation.


4. Inflammation improvement

Donnamul is effective in improving various types of inflammation that can occur in our body. So, it is also widely used as a medicine in Korea. In addition to the method of taking it, Donnamul can help relieve pain.


5. Prevention of osteoporosis

Donnamul contains about twice as much calcium as milk. Rich calcium helps strengthen bone density. Therefore, it can be helpful for growing children or elderly people who are concerned about osteoporosis.

6. Diet effect

The calories in this vegetable are quite low. So, if you take it like a salad, you can get rich water and various vitamins and minerals. Since it can provide a variety of nutrients, it helps you achieve healthy weight loss.


How to eat Donnamul

Usually, Koreans consume a lot of dolnamul in season as raw vegetables, kimchi, and seasoned vegetables. It is common to cook kimchi in spring, and to eat it as a salad throughout the year. Depending on the region, there are places to eat Donnamul soup.

We learned about Donnamul, which is native to Korea. Various varieties of plants living in Korea also contain nutrients that are good for our body. All of these vegetables are God’s gift for people’s health. I hope that people from other cultures will know the benefits of Donnamul well. Have a good day. (Home)