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Do you know the Velcro material used in sneakers or clothing? They are often called squeaks. This material was created by the Swiss inventor, George de Maestral, looking at the thorns in the fruit of the cockle. Tokomari is not only an invention, but also has various effects. If you are curious about Tokomari, see below.

What is Dokomari?
What is Dokomari?

What is Dokomari?

Docomari is a plant distributed throughout the country. It usually grows on the side of the road or in a desolate place. Tokomari seeds are used as medicinal materials, so they are collected and dried well in the sun for storage. Fatty oil and glycosides are contained in the seeds. It is known to improve symptoms such as headache, toothache, joint pain, hives, and aching in the limbs.

8 Benefits of Dokomari

Dokomari is known to be good for colds, chronic bronchitis, constipation, sinus infection, stuffy nose, itchiness, hives, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, headache, tuberculosis, and kidney disease. See below for typical efficacy.

1.Improvement of rhinitis

It is also used to improve rhinitis. Consumption of Docomari seeds in water can improve rhinitis and help treat sinusitis.

8 Benefits of Dokomari
8 Benefits of Dokomari

2. Strengthen immunity

The ingredients contained in Dokomari are helpful in activating the body’s metabolism. It also has the effect of strengthening the body’s immunity. It can help prevent colds and strengthen resistance.

3. Pain improvement

Tokomari has the effect of improving pain caused by various diseases. It relieves pain, including headache and toothache, such as joint pain, aching in the limbs, pain caused by cold or wind in the body.

8 Benefits of Dokomari

4. Skin disease

Because Dokomari has an antibacterial action, it is also helpful for skin diseases. It may help improve symptoms and treat symptoms such as itchy skin, hives, and boils.

5. Diabetes

They control the production of insulin in the pancreas, preventing blood sugar levels from rising. Therefore, it is known to be good for preventing diabetes.

6. Anti-aging

It is said to help delay the aging of the body as it contains antioxidants that remove free radicals from the body.

8 Benefits of Dokomari
8 Benefits of Dokomari

7. Cancer prevention

The flavonoids contained in Tokomari prevent cancer cell production. It is known to be helpful in cancer prevention and treatment.

8. Other effects

For example, it is known that drinking Dokomari decoction removes toxins accumulated in the body due to alcohol. It is also said that the taste of alcohol is lost. It is said to discharge wind and moisture out of the body. It is said to be effective against strokes. It is said to be good for hypothyroidism due to its high iodine content. It is known to have antibacterial effects such as pyogenic bacteria and white Candida bacteria.

Dokomari Side effects

Overdose or long-term use can lead to poisoning, so be careful. In the case of poisoning, symptoms such as headache, loss of appetite, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and eye flushing may occur, but in case of severe poisoning, symptoms such as anxiety, paralysis, heartbeat, jaundice, and liver dysfunction appear, and it is recommended to go to the hospital. .

How to take Dokomari


When the snail fruit is unripe, it is collected and boiled in water at the ratio of 2 liters of water to a handful of fruit and brew to drink. Alternatively, the fruit is roasted and then the oil is squeezed out for use. In the case of enzymes, they are taken through a fermentation process for at least 1 year with sugar.

The reason for roasting Dokomari

It contains toxic properties. After the roasting process, the toxicity is destroyed and disappears. Decay and deterioration can be prevented by reducing moisture content. Home