What is Deodeok efficacy?


Korea is a country with four distinct seasons. Therefore, in winter, the cold weather lasts so that there is no green grass left. It is said that ancient ancestors stored grain for winter and used root vegetables as alternative food. Among the root vegetables eaten a lot by old Koreans, Deodeok has a unique scent and bitter taste. Today, I will introduce Deodeok.

What is Deodeok?

Deodeok is a plant that mainly grows in the mountains. The root shape is similar to ginseng or bellflower. Koreans think that Deodeok is good for the body, and it is actually said to have a lot of saponin, so its efficacy is similar to that of ginseng. Deodeok has 4 leaves, and it is common to dig down the roots that are 20 cm from the ground.


The saponin contained in Deodeok is said to be an ingredient that helps absorb and excrete bad cholesterol and fat. It also strengthens lung function and is said to be effective against colds.

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How to consume deodeok

Koreans like Deodeok-grilled with deodeok and red pepper paste and grilled over charcoal or gas stove. In addition, it is called deodeokmuchim when the fresh deodeok is mixed with garlic, red pepper powder, vinegar, and sugar in a salad form. In addition, deodeok can be added to japchae or slightly boiled and eaten with herbs. It is said that Gwanghae-gun, the former king of Korea, especially liked Deodeok food.


Deodeok efficacy


1. Improving respiratory health

The saponin contained in Deodeok is known to make the lungs of our body healthy. It also protects the mucous membrane of the bronchi and is said to be effective in improving overall respiratory health. If you are suffering from coughing and phlegm, we recommend taking Deodeok.


2. Improve inflammation

The aforementioned saponin component is known to have anti-inflammatory properties while removing harmful toxins from the body. It is also reported to prevent skin diseases and atopic dermatitis and improve various inflammatory diseases.


3. Diabetes improvement

Diabetes is a disease in which the secretion of insulin hormone is abnormal due to excessive glucose content in the blood. The main cause is the high concentration of glucose in the blood. Deodeok is known to prevent blood sugar from rising due to its high inulin, called natural insulin.


4. Fatigue recovery

Deodeok contains various minerals and vitamins. It is said to help generate body energy and improve immunity. It is said to be helpful in preventing colds and other residual diseases because it restores fatigue.


Deodeok in Korea is a food that many people of all ages love. Just like Korean ginseng is famous, I think Deodeok can be a world-class food. All natural root foods have benefits not found in leaves or fruits. I think this is also God’s will and a gift that considers human health. I think it will help people from other cultures to stay healthy if they are interested in deodeok or root vegetables. Have a nice day. (Home)