Crown Daisy  Benefits (쑥갓)

Crown Daisy  Benefits (쑥갓)

There are several kinds of vegetables in Korea that only Koreans can eat. Representatively, there are mugwort, Crown Daisy, and sesame leaves. These plants can be repulsive when eaten by Westerners, but are considered healthy taste by Koreans. Refer to the text for details on Crown Daisy (쑥갓).

What is Crown Daisy?

Crown Daisy (쑥갓) is a vegetable native to the Mediterranean coast and belongs to the Asteraceae family. Crown Daisy can be seen often in mountains, fields, and roads. Since there is no season, it is a common vegetable that can be obtained all year round. In Korea, Crown Daisy is used for namul, seasoned, fried, and soup. Crown Daisy is known to be good for our body because it is low in calories and rich in minerals and vitamins.

The efficacy of Crown Daisy

1. Skin health improvement

Crown Daisy (쑥갓) is said to contain antioxidants. Also, because it is rich in various vitamins, it is said to be helpful for skin aging and toxins from the skin. It is popular with women because it helps with healthy skin care.

2. Constipation improvement

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These vegetables are rich in dietary fiber. That’s why it can help improve overall constipation. It helps in the discharge of intestinal toxins and harmful substances so that the intestinal flora can be maintained normally.

3. Improve digestive function

Crown Daisy contains an ingredient called chlorophyll. This ingredient supplements digestive function and is effective against constipation. Also, boiled porridge makes the stomach comfortable, so it is useful for breakfast or patient food.

4. High blood pressure improvement

These vegetables excrete potassium and sodium components in blood vessels and help regulate blood pressure. Therefore, it can be said to be helpful for people with high blood pressure.

5. Improve gastrointestinal disease

Crown Daisy (쑥갓) contains various minerals and vitamins, so it is said that it has many beneficial effects in enhancing digestive function and preventing stomach diseases. It is said to be helpful for those suffering from anorexia.

6. Vision improvement

This vegetable contains a lot of vitamin A, which is good for eye health. That’s why it helps improve your eyesight or protect your eyesight. It has been reported that the beta-carotene contained in Crown Daisy has a good effect on eye health in the process of being absorbed into the body.

Cautions when growing Crown Daisy

Crown Daisy (쑥갓) does not have a lot of pests and can be grown safely at home. However, aphids are common and need to be managed. It has good for transplantation, but if it is left to grow too much, it will be tough and unsuitable for edible use. It is said that if the stem is broken and planted next to it, new stems continue to grow from the side.

Various kinds of green plants live in Korea. These plants seem like weeds, but each has different benefits and nutrients that are good for the body. These grasses can also be helpful to people from other cultures as a gift from God. I hope you live with love today. (Home)