6 citrulline benefits


Do you like summer’s representative fruit watermelon? Watermelon has a hard surface, but a weak inside, is made of watery fibers, and has a strong sweet taste. These watermelons are helpful in diuresis. If you have any questions about citrulline, one of the ingredients in watermelon, see below.

citrulline benefits
citrulline benefits

What is citrulline?

Citrulline is an ingredient in the seeds of the gourd family. It is one of the basic amino acids and is a colorless solid that is well soluble in water. It was first classified in 1930 and is widely present in nature. Watermelon’s diuretic effect is due to citrulline, and together with ornithine and arginine, it contributes to urea production.

It can also help supply the body with the ingredients it needs to make protein. It is said to be effective in improving blood flow and lowering blood pressure by expanding veins and arteries.

Citrulline benefits

1. Improve blood circulation

Nitric oxide plays an important role in blood flow. Citrulline may help increase nitric oxide. This can help improve blood flow and circulation. It is also known to help improve symptoms in patients with red blood cell disease.

Citrulline benefits
Citrulline benefits

2. Reduce blood pressure

When you are stressed, your blood pressure rises. When blood pressure rises, breathing becomes quicker and the body becomes tense. Research has shown that citrulline lowers high blood pressure and dilates blood vessels, reducing blood pressure.

3. Reinforcement of athletic ability

Several studies have reported that citrulline consumption can improve exercise performance in adults. This is because citrulline helps improve athletic endurance. Particularly if you are weighting, it will help you overcome more weight and improve endurance when swimming or biking.

Citrulline benefits
Citrulline benefits

4. Improve heart function

Citrulline is known to improve heart and endothelial function. As a result, it can be expected to be effective in heart function or erectile dysfunction. It is also used as a treatment for people with heart failure and may also help with heart attack symptoms.

5. Improve brain function

The reason brain cells die is because our bodies lack oxygen. Citrulline helps supply oxygen throughout the body. The oxygen supplied to the brain can help improve brain function.

Citrulline benefits
Citrulline benefits

6. Strengthen immunity

Citrulline strengthens immunity. It can also help fight inflammation and keep our body healthy.

Citrulline side effects

Citrulline is reported to be safe when consumed by adults in moderate amounts. Although known side effects are rare, gastrointestinal problems, heartburn, cough, changes in urination or swelling have been reported. Safety during pregnancy or breastfeeding has not been sufficiently secured. In this case, you should avoid taking it or consult your doctor before deciding to take it.

How to take citrulline

Let’s take a look at how to take citrulline as a supplement when exercising. Healthy adults take 2 to 5 grams of the supplement daily for 7 days. Eat 8 grams right before exercise. For improved heart failure, take 3 grams daily for 2-4 months. These dosages vary from person to person and should be determined through consultation with a specialist. Please read it for reference only.

So far, we learned about citrulline. It can often be seen in the form of an abdominal repellent even in a frequent health club. Always consume it in accordance with the recommended amount and usage, and use it safely and healthily. If my article was helpful, please click on empathy. Home