The efficacy of chives

The efficacy of chives

Donguibogam, written by Korean ancestors, defines chives as a liver vegetable. Chives is said to be good for strengthening liver function. It is also said that drinking Chives juice improves asthma and stops cold sweat. Today, I will introduce the representative Korean food for improving liver function, leek.

Chives Nutrients

Chives is rich in various nutrients. Representative nutrients include vitamins A, B, C, potassium, protein, zinc, dietary fiber, folic acid, phosphorus, iron, and calcium.

The efficacy of Chives


1. Prevent high blood pressure

Allyl sulfide in Chives are said to protect bad cholesterol from depositing on the lining of blood vessels. It is also rich in potassium and plays a role in releasing sodium from the body. Therefore, it is said to be effective in preventing high blood pressure and improving fatigue.

2. Strengthen physical strength

A person seems to be able to succeed in anything only if he has strong physical strength. For example, Chives are called a stamina and is said to make men’s urine stem strong. Therefore, for men, it can be a stamina-boosting food that lasts a long time between couples. In Korea, it is also called a symbol of male power.

3. Improve liver function

The liver is a silent organ in our body where symptoms do not appear easily. It is said that once a bad liver is difficult to recover. It is said that Chives contain an ingredient called diallyl sulfide, which helps the body synthesize glutathione, which is necessary for liver detoxification. In Korea, many people consume leek when drinking or eating meat.

4. Immunity improvement

Korea is a country with four distinct seasons. Therefore, when the weather gets cold, your immunity tends to decrease. Chives are said to be effective in reducing inflammation and raising body temperature. If the temperature difference is high, it is easy to be exposed to respiratory diseases, so it is said that Chives can help warm the body and increase immunity.

5. Other efficacy

Other known benefits of Chives are known to be good for arteriosclerosis, anti-inflammatory, bleeding improvement, bronchitis improvement, acute gastritis improvement, constipation prevention, diarrhea prevention, food poisoning improvement, uterine bleeding improvement, and anemia prevention. It is also well known as various cancer prevention foods. All of these benefits appear to require additional research to be verified as suitable for humans.

We learned about Chives above. Koreans use Chives in a variety of ways, such as seasoning, soup, and jijim. It is a vegetable that has been loved since long ago due to its rich nutritional and medicinal properties. All of these Korean ingredients are also good gifts that God has given for people’s health. Have a healthy day. (Home)