Bulgogi efficacy and nutrition facts history


Among Korean cuisine, there is a franchise restaurant in the United States that has a huge success under the name of Bulgogi Brothers. Bulgogi is one of Korea’s most representative traditional foods and has been made since the time of Goguryeo. It evolved from a food eaten by grilling beef on a skewer during the Goguryeo period, and now it is a food eaten by grilling beef and vegetables seasoned on a grill.

Bulgogi is one of the favorite foods of all Koreans, young and old, and it is said to suit Western tastes well. Today, I will introduce you to Bulgogi.

The history of bulgogi

Bulgogi is a food that originated during the Goguryeo period, another name in Korea. In a document written two hundred years ago, there is a record that he ate beef surrounded by charcoal fire and seasoned on a brazier in the Seoul area. This food has been handed down from Mongolia.

Korean bulgogi was also handed down to Japan under the name of Neobiani. It is said to be enjoyed by Japanese people as it is served with a variety of seasonings and sweet soy sauce. The bulgogi’s name means meat that was grilled and eaten. Depending on the region, bulgogi with pork is also commonly called bulgogi.


Bulgogi Nutrition Facts

Calories 489 kcal per serving. Fat, carbohydrate, protein, dietary fiber, sodium, potassium, vitamins, etc.


Bulgogi efficacy


1. Strengthen energy

Beef is rich in essential functions, functions and proteins, and is good for reinforcing. Also, Bulgogi help blood vessel health, eating a lot of them helps maintain health. For bulgogi, it is helpful to use the chuck of the cow.


2. Improvement of anemia

Because bulgogi uses beef, it incluses iron and protein. Therefore, it helps to produce blood, and it can be helped to those with anemia. It is helpful in preventing anemia that occurs in people who are deficient in iron.


3. Prevention of aging

Bulgogi contains various vitamins. Among them, it contains very rich B vitamins. Some of these ingredients are effective in preventing aging. Helps skin to improve wrinkles and moisturize.


Bulgogi is a nutritious dish that is rich in protein, various vitamins and dietary fiber. As much as Koreans enjoy eating Bulgogi, I think it would be nice to be known to people in the other country. All of these Korean foods can be said to be the product of humanity, with the wisdom of our ancestors and years of experience. Always be grateful and recommend that you give it a try. I wish you to love yourself. (Home)