Arrowroot juice efficacy side effects

Arrowroot juice efficacy side effects

There are people who drink arrowroot juice for the next day after drinking. Arrowroot is a common plant that can be found anywhere in Korea. It is said that flowers contain a lot of honey, and especially the roots contain a lot of brown powder. Galgeun quenches thirst and alcohol and is good for colds. If you would like to know about the effects and side effects of arrowroot juice, please refer to the following.

What is arrowroot?

Arrowroot is a whole tree of deciduous trees. The country of origin is Asian regions such as Korea and China. It has long roots and is perennial. Arrowroot can reach up to 150m if it sprouts and grows. It is said to have been used for edible or medicinal purposes since a long time ago because the juice comes out of the old root.

When looking at the ingredients of arrowroot, it is protein, carbohydrates, fiber, minerals, starch, sugar, etc. It is also an ingredient used in galgeun-tang and is known to quen diarrhea and thirst. It is said to be particularly good for shoulder pain that can occur after middle age. Arrowroot used in Galgeun-tang uses thick roots, peeled, cut into squares, and dried.

Close up view of a cassava root isolated on a white background.

Arrowroot juice efficacy

It is said that adding arrowroot juice to soju reduces the alcohol level by 15%. Therefore, it is said that it has a great effect on relieving hangovers. It is said to neutralize not only alcohol but also various poisons in the body.

It is also said that it contains more estrogen, the female hormone than fruit pomegranate. For women, it is also effective for menopause and menstrual pain. In addition, it is known to be effective in improving blood circulation, improving constipation, and dieting.

Arrowroot juice has an ingredient called isoflavone. This ingredient is known to be effective in preventing serious diseases such as colon cancer, osteoporosis, endometrial cancer, and breast cancer.

Brown powder contained in arrowroot can be helpful in treating symptoms such as diabetes, dysentery, colitis and malignant tumors. Arrowroot can also help with body aches, muscle aches, and rhinitis. In oriental medicine, it is known that among the Sasang constitutions, Taeeumin is best suited to arrowroot.

Arrowroot juice side effects

Arrowroot has sound quality and cold properties. That’s why it’s better to refrain from people with cold or weak stomachs. Some say that long-term use of arrowroot juice can cause liver damage. It is also not recommended for pregnant women.

For women, arrowroot juice is known to be good for menopause. That doesn’t mean it’s good for everyone. If too much female hormone is supplied, the endometrium will proliferate abnormally. For this reason, problems such as menstrual irregularities can occur. It is also said to help the growth of adenomyosis and fibroids.

How to choose a good arrowroot

Arrowroot is usually harvested from mountains. It is said that canned arrowroot is good from late autumn to early spring. In addition, dark arrowroot is richer in nutrients than male arrowroot. When purchasing juice, it is better to choose a product that is concentrated rather than a product with a lot of water. Also, even for thick products, we recommend the arrowroot juice that has been aged for about a month at low temperatures.


How to drink arrowroot juice

Let’s look at ways to eat arrowroot more effectively. First of all, it is better to drink cold arrowroot than to drink it hot. It can be especially good for athletes and soldiers in the summer when you feel a lot of thirst. It is also good to drink continuously. It is recommended to drink one bag a day steadily rather than once by chance.

It is said that it is better to drink on an empty stomach than after eating. Drinking it on an empty stomach is said to improve absorption. It is also good to drink the next day after drinking. It is said to replenish the vitamins and electrolytes lost by alcohol. Arrowroot is made of alkali, so it’s a good way to drink it thickly.